Let Go of the Darkness..

Weird thing about human nature is that we tend to cling to Our Past. Be it with a Person or a Situation, we always tend to categorise our present with the burden of our past.

Having the burden of our gloomy past, sometimes let us overlook the difference that our present scenario can bring, once we step forward.. Thus we drift away from the path, fearing the end result and lose the opportunity of growth.

Yes, it is true that we learn from our past mistakes but few horrifying past incidents puts darkness in front of us when we come face to face with similar situations.

But, we forget that in ultimate darkness, even a “Pinch of Light” can make the difference. The light brings “HOPE” for survival. A man who has lost everything, can rebuild his life, if he can hold on to the light of hope.

Yes, the darkness can blind u for the moment, so close your eyes because it takes time to adjust. And then when you open your eyes, you can see a faint band of way in that darkness. Then the decision is yours. Either you stop there and let the darkness over-power you or you can start by taking a step forward. You can fall by tipping over but then when you get up you won’t fall again while taking the same step forward.

So, let go the darkness of your past engulfing you and put forward your step to catch the dazzling “Ray of Hope”. Once you do so, you will see the “Turmoil of Bitterness” get shattered before you and the present becoming more of a “Gift”for you.

Let the Brightness of HOPE shine…

A story that inspires..

Life is not the same every day. Everyday is seen to be a fresh start and filled with suprises. Isn’t it?

Let me tell you a story that inspired me.

I was then reading in Class 8. There was a girl who studied in the same section as of mine. She was a very studious student and always came first in class. But it wasn’t the only brilliance that inspired me. She had a beautiful soul, was an obedient daughter and had amazing writing skill.

She was so obedient daughter that she followed every word that came out from her’s parents mouth. She was never given permission to do anything but study. And as she was a good girl, she followed without a hint a resentment.

Once as there was recess, I managed to have a conversation with her. I asked her that what was her dream. She told me with utter innocence that she wanted to live a fantastic life after her studies got over.

A day or two after that, I had that she and her dad meet an accident and died.

That year an award was coined in her name that was rewarded to brilliant student. But with that my thinking about life changed.

We are given with the most expensive gift and we are unable to cherish it as we have taken that for granted. Do you know what gift is that? It is “Life”. We somehow think we are supposed to live for 80years but is it true. That girl died at a tender age of 14. She had the dream to live her life which she couldn’t because she was always made to think for tomorrow. The most important thing she and her family forgot was about Today.

“Today” is a gift so it is called “Present”. So don’t forget to cherish for this moment while you prepare for tomorrow.

Finding peace in danger.

It’s is often told that “Danger” comes with a “Red Flag” but is it always to stop the journey or to stop for a moment and start the journey again. Symbolic as well as nerve wrecking isn’t it.

The difference is what we choose to do. Either we choose to face the danger or be a maniac and switch the pause button of our life journey simply fearing the unknown.

Fearing the reason behind the red flag brings the uncertainty to ourselves while stepping forward and overcoming it brings peace. Yes, sometimes we feel we are not strong enough, we feel we have to climb mountains to achieve what we want but is it always required?

Why can’t we take the easy path specially when we are not prepared for it. It is true that once in our lifetime, we have to face the difficult path too but now let’s start stepping into the easier path.

Note:I am a new Blogger. Please bear with my grammatical errors.